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The jolly elves at Just Riddles and More...! have compiled the following riddles in the spirit of Christmas fun!  If you'd like the answers, just highlight with your mouse the white box below each riddle and the answer will appear!  Click anywhere on the page to go on to the next one.


1. Who sings "Love Me Tender" and makes toys?

Santa's Little Elvis

2.Which of Santa's reindeer needs to mind his manners the most?

Rude-olf (Rudolf)

3. What did the Gingerbread Man put on his bed?

A cookie sheet!

4. What reindeer has the cleanest antlers?


5. What is Frosty the Snowman's favorite breakfast cereal?

Frosted flakes

6. What do Santa's beard and a Christmas tree have in common?

They both need trimming.

7. What kind of cereal does Santa eat?

Frosted flakes

8. What is white and made out of snow?

A snowman or a snowball!!!! What else???

9. Why did Frosty cross the road?

To melt on the other side.

10. What is Santa's favorite cake?

His favorite is "Ho-ho's"

11. What was Santa doing when he got a virus?

Playing on the internet.

12. Why do reindeer fly over the mountain?

Because they can't go under it.

13. What did Adam say to Eve on the day before Christmas?

" It's Christmas, Eve."

14. Why did the turkey join the school band?

'Cause he had the drumsticks.

15. What song does Tarzan sing at Christmas?

""Jungle Bells"

16. What do you have in December that you don't have in any other month?

The letter 'D'.

17. In which month do people eat the least?

February - it's the shortest month.

18. Spell 'hard water' with three letters.


19. What is the end of Christmas?

The letter 's'.

20. Can Santa's reindeer fly higher than a 30 foot wall?

Sure, a wall can't fly at all.

21. Where does Thanksgiving come after Christmas?

In the dictionary.

22. What bites but has no teeth?


23. Why do you go to bed on Christmas Eve?

The bed can't come to you.

24. What is the difference between the Christmas alphabet and the regular alphabet.

The Christmas one has NO-EL.

25. How many seconds are there in a single year?

12- Jan. 2nd, Feb. 2nd, etc.

26. What smells the most in a chimney?

Santa's nose.

27. Why do birds fly south for the winter?

They sure can't walk.

28. An elf said, "Forty reindeer have 84 legs." Prove it.

On 40 reindeer, there are 80 FORE legs.

29. Describe a slippery sidewalk with only 2 letters.


30. What does Santa like to do in his garden?