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Here are the faces that we've been able to find in the picture.  We believe there are supposed to be 9 faces in the picture, but we are unable to find the last one.  If you think you have found any that we have missed, please email us and let us know where to look.  


Near the bottom of this page we have listed some of the possible answers suggested by people who have emailed us.


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We have numbered and described the faces we have found using the 2 pictures below:


9 faces


           TOP PICTURE

1.  Girls face -- frontal view.
2.  Girls face -- right profile.
3.  Mans face -- frontal view.
4.  Mans face -- left profile.
5.  Girls face -- frontal view.







6.  Mans face -- left profile.
7.  Girls face -- left profile.
8.  Girls face -- right profile.


9 faces





Some of the Suggested answers:

1.  Look carefully in the wall on the right hand side of the main face, there seems to be a picture of a silhouette of a woman standing sideways in the wall. The image is just next to the pillar.

2.  The 9th face is in the top right corner.

3.  Do you think you should count the dog's face?  It's not human but it is a face.

4.  I think the ninth face in the picture is the baby in the woman's arms.

5.  The thumb of the hand is the face of a horse (or some sort of animal).

6.  I can clearly see a man's face, right profile when I look to the left of the left pillar. He seems to be looking upward. It reminds me of Jesus, with a possible crown on. The darker two marks make his eye and then another outlines the nose and a lower dark curved line the chin

7.  If you will look carefully in the diagram, I believe there is a face above and to the left of your number 2 face just over the archway of a female holding onto the arch. What do you think?
     Check it out; she is very faint - but I'm sure she's there!

8.  Just beneath the arch is a bald mans head, the man standing underneath represents most of his face (hat=eyes, elbow=nose and the bottom bit of his white shirt is his moustache). The tree behind the lady is part of his hair and beard.

9.  There appear to be more obvious stones on the ground immediately below the woman with the baby - I was just thinking some of them could have been meant to be eyes, particularly the two right-most standing-out stones, which seem to have a nose type shape in-between them.

10.  if you look at the wall to the left of the old mans profile you can see a reflection of his face on the walls surface. at least i can.. that's all i can think of!!

11.  I found the 9th face. If you turn the picture sideways and look far away you can see it on the floor where the cobblestone path is. The glare from the light forms the face. Its half of a face.  I am 100% sure its a face.

12. In the far right hand top corner you can make out a 3/4 view of a faintly painted face. The nose, the cheek, chin and forehead are present but the back of the head blends with the background. If you squint at a distance you can  make out the distorted features. It appears to be the sky at first but, when reexamined more closely you can make it out.

13. I can see a face on the right side of the arch, just above your # 2 face. It is profile-like. Has a long nose and a sorrowful mouth. Its looking down toward the arch.  Its right against the arch.

14. is there a spirit face up in the upper left hand corner

15. I was looking at the picture that had the 9 faces on it and I believe that I found have the 9th face But I am not for sure so I will tell you where it is and you'll can look for yourselves and see.  It is on the right side of the arch in the wall under number 2 about It is on the right side of the arch in the wall under number 2 about 

16. not only did i find the faces that you have suggested (including the dog face) i believe there is another face in the upper left corner. its not exactly a whole face, rather about 75% of like a goofy old man.

17. The last face you are looking for is a left profile of a mans face. There is a nose, a mouth and a chin clearly visible, I cant believe I am the only one to see it. It is the old mans cane. The top of the cane where the man is gripping onto the cane is the nostril of the last and final face. 

18. THERE is a really big face under the upsidedown u it is a oldmans face it is really big u shouldnt miss it

19.  I see a left facing profile of a man in the center of the picture. His nose, formed by the old man's hand atop the cane, is the most prominent feature. His mouth curves slightly downward and his     mouth and chin are "outlined" by the cane. His eye is rather faint but is probably more discernable in the actual print. I think this face would be more consistant with the other types of faces in the painting.

20. Well there are actually ten faces. The first are the four usual ones. The 2 old men, the baby and the woman. Then there are two on the right just above the pillar next to the arch. One facing right and the other one half hidden behind it in black. On the left of the picture there are four faces.  The pillar where the crow is sitting on makes two faces one facing left and one facing right. Then there is the one on the left in the clouds and the tenth one is just above the face in the pillar which is facing left. The crows neck is making the nose. The bird on the right of the crow is making the eye. Which is a total of ten faces.

21.  I found 7 faces when I first did this. The 7th face I found is the "missing" 9th face.       Location:
      Look in the top right corner in the sky. It is a frontal view of a small child's face

22.  On the bottom picture on the right side of the arch is a woman's right profile

23.  If you look at the face marked #2, you can see that it overlaps another small face just to its right, against the edge of the picture. The woman's nose is also the hidden man's nose. (I think he looks like Abe Lincoln.)  If you cover all of picture #2, with your finger, except for her nose you can see his face.

24.   1) Ladys face on left side of crow (1)
    2) Ladys face on right side of crow (2)
    3) Two side by side distorted animal like faces in top left corner above crow(4)
    4) Ladys face on right side of the arch (5)
    5) Distorted mans face on bottom corner of left column (6)
    6) Large mans face in archway (7)
    7) Old mans face in eyeball (8)
    8) Womans face in ear (9)
    9) Infants face in womans arms (10)
   10) Half of a mans face on top right side of arch above the ladys face and a little to the left (11)
   11) Mans face between hair and right column

25. Have you ever seen the puzzles that you have to stare at until your eyes go blurry, before the picture comes out at you.  Below the woman with the baby, where the cobblestones start to get     dark, there is the face of a man hidden within the cobblestone.

26. The 9th face is an old women from her shoulders up. She is right by the right pilar.  Her shoulders are sitting on the side walk. Her hair is pulled back in a bun and the left side of her face kind of goes into the pilar. That is the 9th face.

27. If you load the pic into Paintshop Pro or similar program and zoom to 2:1 you can clearly see a small face to the right of the right hand pillar, whether this is the 9th face or not I don't know....and there's another one at the bottom right of the right hand pillar, zoom in with Paintshop Pro and you'll see it........tilt you're head to the left and look at the right side of the old mans hat.

28.  I see a the profile of a man's face attached on the wall to the left pillar (not inside it). Looking down, sharp chin fading into the pillar, long nose. It's almost exactly halfway between the top of the pillar and the bottom of the pillar. And I also counted the baby's face, which would make ten.

29.  on the left side looking at the outline of the man's hair there is a slight outline of a woman's face and directly above it there is a dark spot on the wall. Look at carefully this is the hair of the woman.  i believe this is the ninth face.

30. The eight faces that you have pointed out are clearly drawn, and intentional. There are many places  where a face could be interpreted, but some may see it and others may not, therefore it is not one of the intended faces. While I did see many of these types of faces, I would have to say that I think the 9th face is that of the baby. It is the only clearly drawn, intentional face not yet identified.

31. Well, i believe the 9th face is below where you have numbers 7 and 8. On the wall the seems to be flat, to the <-- left on the pillar that is there, if you look hard enough, there is a face, but not complete, the end of the mans nose is going off the picture, the face is also looking left.  I'll give a description:

      NOTE: He is lightly shaded onto the stone wall

     1) His eye is in the corner where the pillar meets the wall, the darklt shaded part.
     2) He has a beard, and it is at the bottom on the right next to the pillar, but not actually on the pillar itself.
     3) He nose is made out by a fat but hard-to-see line about in the middle of the wall

       And thats about it.

       Futher more, the baby doesn't have a face, so there is only 9 faces in total

32.  Sir, we found a ninth face at the base of the left column see the hair and eye at base and rest on the side walk.

33. Look at the face on the top left. You have already labled it '5'. But, I think i can see another one side on in the same space. The left of the 'thing' (?) the raven is on looks like the features of a face to me.

34. where you have number 5 down to the bottom of the pillar, there is a woman's face looking straight at you

35.  I think that there is a face in the center to left of the pillar on the left.  It is very faint but there is also one to the left and a centimeter above the other face I explained. It's even fainter than it. It's cheek is high and sticks out, sort of like an indians.

36.  This solution is from the 10th, 11th and 12th graders at Santana High School in Rowland Heights, Ca.  They say there is a face in the stones on the ground.  If the picture is turned, you can see half of a face.

37. The reflection of light on the cobblestone is half a face with the eye semi-closed. Look at it from a distance because the artist doesn't really reflect the light correctly onto the sidewalk.

38. There is a remnant of face on the left hand stone wall---really subtle.

39. I believe I see a face in left profile at the Large Man's eye.

40. We believe we have found the 9th face in the puzzle.  Where you have found the number 2 face, if you look closely to the right of that face you will see another in grey. The face is slightly tilted but facing you. 

41. the probable 9th face is in between picture 7 & 8 in the pillar like structure
lateral side of a man wearing hat

42. The 9th face is located on the back of the right leg of the man designated as the 3rd face. A girl's left profile.

43. On the left side of the arc above the main face is the most easily seen dog just lying there facing left. The front of the bird on top of the mantel setting is the outline of the dogs head and nose. The round ball the bird is setting on is the dog's nose. He is right on top of the female profile. It is very clear!



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