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Pumpkin"Drip, Drip Memory"Pumpkin

Retold by Jenn DeLuca
Author Unknown



One day, a young girl named Mary was home alone.  Her parents had gone on a ski trip and decided Mary was too young to ski down the dangerous slopes of the Alps. Mary would have been scared to death if it hand' t been for Pugsly, her life-long friend and trusted terrier.  Her first night home alone, Mary was a little scared; but Pugsly and her had a routine worked out.  Every night, when Mary went to bed, she would reach her hand under the bed where Puglsy slept and he would lick her hand twice.  Tonight, it was just the same.  Two licks and Mary went right to sleep.  In the middle of the night, around 1 AM, Mary awoke with a start.  She listened hard and heard drip, drip...drip, drip... She got up and checked all the showers and faucets - nothing.  Mary thought that maybe it had rained and water was dripping from the gutters.  She looked outside but all was dry. Mary closed and locked all the windows and checked all the doors.  She went back to bed, relaxed that all was well.  Later, in that same night, at 2:30AM she heard the noise again.  She got up again and checked all the showers and faucets once more.  Still nothing.  Annoyed and tired, she went back to bed.  Once more, about 4 AM Mary heard the noise.  Much louder now, and it seemed way closer.  Now, Mary was really afraid.  She was only 14 and her light brown hair made her look even younger. Finally, she couldn't stand it anymore.  Just as she was getting out of bed, the phone rang.  As she was walking over to the desk to answer, she tripped and fell.  She got up and turned on the lights to see what she had tripped on and then, she screamed so loud that people half way across the world could have heard.  What Mary saw on her bedroom wall changed her life.  On Mary's bedroom wall, hung her dog, Puglsy dead and dripping blood on the floor with a knife through his heart.  Next to her dog, there was a note: Murderers can lick twice too. Drip...drip...drip...






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