Just Riddles and More...!









1. Sylvester was originally a clown, which explains his red nose, and Tweety was a baby.  Tweety's original color was peach, later changed to yellow when the producer decided a cat and bird would do better.  He was right!


2. Teddy bears were named after Theodore Roosevelt, when he refused to shoot a bear cub.


3. Believe it or not, potatoes were originally grown for ornamental decorations.


4. Edward Jenner discovered that giving someone cowpox prevented them from getting smallpox.


5. This Greek doctor believed that to cure an earache, all you had to do was scoop out a cockroach's stomach, mix it with oil and stuff it in your ear.


6. The Griffin is believed to come from a lion's body, and eagle's head and feet, and a bird's wings.


7. The first oil well was drilled in Pennsylvania.


8. The most poisonous animal, believe it or not, is the daddy longlegs, however, it's mouth is so small, it cannot bite us. *See note below*


9. A group of dolphins is called a pod.


10. Norma Jean Mortenson changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.



*One of our visitors, Brendan, provided us with this information about poisonous animals:

"The most poisonous animal in the world is not the daddy longlegs.  In fact, from a little research, it seems that its not venomous at all. While it is true that their bite is too weak to penetrate human skin, the statement that their venom is deadly is false, an urban myth.  From what I've read, even if they could penetrate human skin, they have no venom to deliver, although a spider called the cellar spider (which looks a lot like the North American daddy longlegs) is moderately venomous.  Still, it does not compare to other venomous animals.  The most venomous spider in the world is the funnel web spider of Australia.  Phyllobates terriblis, or the Poison-Dart Frog of Colombia, is generally considered to be the most poisonous animal in the world."


Thank you very much Brendan!