Just Riddles and More...!









A lot of these trivia questions are obscure facts that may not seem plausible to you, but I guarantee that they are all true.  If you really think about some of them, you may find that you know more of them than you would ever guess.


1. On the Looney Tunes cartoon program, the two popular characters, Sylvester and Tweety are pictured as a cat and bird, but they weren't always that way.  What were they originally?


2. How were Teddy bears given their name? Hint: they are named after someone famous.


3. Potatoes weren't always grown for food. Spaniards brought them over more than 1,800 years ago and sold them as what?


4. About 200 years ago, the English scientist Edward Jenner, discovered that purposely giving someone the mild illness of cowpox prevented them from getting what serious illness?


5. About 2,000 years ago, a Greek doctor believed he had the cure for the earache. What was his "brilliant" idea?  Hint: if you've visited Funky Freaky Facts recently, (click here to visit it now) you should know this.


6. What three real animals are combined to make the mythical creature the Griffin?


7. Where was the world's first oil well drilled?


8. What common animal is the most poisonous in the world?


9. Contrary to popular belief, dolphins, when found in groups, are not called schools.  What are they called?


10. What famous actress was originally born with the name Norma Jean Mortenson, which she changed when she began her acting career?