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Below you will find the questions from the Riddle Q quiz and the answers acceptable on the quiz.  You can see that there may be more than one answer to some of these questions, but the quizmaster for this quiz is quite strict and will only accept the answers given here!!  Take heart, it is just for fun!  If you are reading this, rest assured many others have come to this page for the same reasons!


1. What has fingers but can't type?
Answer:   GLOVES 

2. What has ears but can't hear?"
Answer:  CORN

3. What has arms but can't hug?"
Answer: CHAIR

4. What has a head and a foot but no body?"
Answer:  BED

5. When is a car not a car?"
Answer:  When it turns into a driveway 

6. What has a mouth but never smiles?"
Answer:  RIVER

7. What has a face but no head?"
Answer:  CLOCK

8. What has leaves but isn't a tree?"
Answer:  BOOK

9. What has eyes but can't see?"

10. What has legs but can't walk?"
Answer:  TABLE