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Here is help (anonymously from Lebanon, OR) with the often misplaced word - "ONLY".  The proper placement of "ONLY" is no trick at all, once the writer gets the hang of it.  Everything depends upon the element to be modified.  An instructional device will follow with the this basic sentence:

"She told me that she loved me."

Let us count the ways -



"Only she told me that she loved me." (No one else has told me that.)

"She only told me that she loved me." (Provided no evidence of her love.)

"She told only me that she loved me." (Not the gabby type.)

"She told me only that she loved me." (She had nothing more to say.)

"She told me that only she loved me." (Sad, hearing no one else loves me.)

"She told me that she only loved me." (Doesn't idolize me, but loves me.)

"She told me that she loved me only." (Ahhh!)



Now put your skills to use and read the following two sentences and identify the sentence which places the word "ONLY" correctly -


1. A manufacturer stated, "If everyone were alike, we'd only make one laxative."


2. A friend was asked by a fellow art lover, "Here we are in the French Louvre; if fire broke out and you could save only one painting, which one would it be?"











If you chose sentence #2, you are correct.  If not, read over the instructional device again!