Just Riddles and More...!









#1 The Concert Murder Mystery

 The detective knew that Jane Doe wasn't planning to perform at the concert.  Charles Drake was lying.  He said that she had decided to play at the concert, but she never would have performed in a skirt ...... she was a cellist.



#2 The Office Murder Mystery

 Hobbs realized that Clark was lying when he had to open the drawer to put the German gun back inside.  Clark had said that he didn't "touch anything" and that Joyce "with almost one motion" had opened the drawer, pulled out the gun and fired.  If that were true, how did the drawer get closed?  Clark wouldn't have closed the drawer because he was shooting immediately and then got shot immediately.



#3 The Sliding Door Murder Mystery

 Pete told Hobbs that, "he saw the stranger throw a couple of jabs and then connect with a left hook."  The bruise on Dan's face was to his left cheek.  If Dan had thrown a left hook, the bruise would have been on Dan's right cheek.


#4 The Robbing Clown Mystery

 Hobbs knew that Jill was trying to frame Happy because she said that she "saw him come out of the trailer and hurry away."  Valerie said that, "she was relaxing in her trailer reading a book, her back was to the door and she didn't even hear the thief come in."  If Happy had been in his knight attire, Valerie would have heard him enter her trailer.  He was clanking and clattering loudly just trying to take a seat.



#5 The Barbecue Murder Mystery

 Peter Long, claimed to have just arrived. Yet he knew the coals were sufficiently cool for him to "thrust in" his hand among them.

 Hobbs reasoned that Long had planted the earring to throw suspicion on Jane.



#6 The Happy Infant Mystery

 If Lee had really arrived home "five minutes ago," having driven seven hundred miles, the motor and the hood of his car would still be sizzling hot. The baby would have been screaming, not "cooing happily" sitting and standing on the hood of the car.