Just Riddles and More...!









#1 The Case of the Archaeological Dig

Max realized that Bob had been taken in by the local native because there couldn't be any coins dated B.C. How would anyone have known it was B.C?



#2 The Case of the Murdered Wife

Palumbo knew that the sheriff had only told Mr. Layne to come home, and not what had happened. When Mr. Layne saw the gun, he said that she had been clubbed to death. A normal reaction would have been to assume that she had been shot with a gun, not clubbed.



#3 The Case of the Knife Wielding Gangster

Hobbs knew the men were lying because the bullet entered the dead man's ear. That couldn't have happened if he had been charging Joe head-on.

#4 The Case of the Late Night Suicide

Hobbs knew that Porter was lying because Porter said he saw Sam kick the small stool. If he had been looking from the driveway up to the attic, he would never have been able to see a small stool on the floor. The house was 3 stories high!!!



#5 The Case of the Gold Digger

Palumbo had no doubt that the whole story was fabricated. Patmos said he had a barber shave off 7 months of whiskers, yet his face and chin were tanned. If he hadn't shaved for seven months, his face would be white where the whiskers were not tanned!!



#6 The Case of the Untimely Blackmailer

Hobbs and Dough both know there is no June 31!!