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This page works pretty much the same as the page you just came from but just in case, here is the scoop. Each joke is told from the point of view of the victim and the teller. Many of these jokes are much better told verbally but you can see for yourself. Hope you are having fun at my Classic Riddles Page. Keep smiling'!!


Idiot Test

Teller: Hey you want to take an idiot test?
Victim: Sure
Teller: What color is the sky?
Victim: Blue, duh.
Teller: Good. What color is the grass?
Victim: Green.
Teller: Excellent. What color is my hair?
Victim: Brown (answers may vary)
Teller: What was the first question I asked you?
Victim: (keep in mind the victim will probably say "what color is the sky?") Hey. .............You want to take an idiot test?!!


Bus Driver

Teller: You're the bus driver. You stop on a corner and 3 people get on. Next stop ............2 get off and 5 get on. Next stop 7 get on and 9 get off. Next stop, 7 get on ............and 6 get off. Finally, 3 get on and 7 get off. How old is the bus driver?

Victim: How am I supposed to know? With all the jabbering you did, how could I .............possibly keep up?

Teller: 12, silly. (answers may vary) I told you, you're the bus driver.


Gotcha! Riddles to Make You Groan
All of these jokes are better told verbally.

Teller: How do you pronounce B-I-N?

Victim: bin

The teller and victim should repeat the above conversation for the following words: G-I-N, S-I-N, M-I-N, and L-I-N.

Teller: What is an aluminum can made of?

Victim: (if you have a smart victim they will say aluminum but most will say..) Tin.

Teller: Gee, I always thought they were made of aluminum.


Teller: How do you pronounce G-O?

Victim: go

The teller and the victim should repeat the above conversation for the following words: T-O-E, M-O-E, S-E-W, and any others you can think of.

Teller: What do you do at a stop light?

Victim: (the victim may say anything but most will say...) Go!

Teller: No, you stop.






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