Just Riddles and More...!

















26. Why did the prisoner take a shower before breaking out of jail?

27. What did the outlaw get when he stole a calendar?

28. How did the hangman keep up with current events?

29. Which way did the outlaw go when he stole the computer?

30. Why couldn't the sailors play cards?

31. Why wasn't the outlaw allowed to be buried in the town cemetery?

32. What happened to the crook who fell into the cement mixer?

33. What is the best thing to do if a bull charges you?

34. What kind of horse eats and drinks with its tail?

35. In which month do monkeys play baseball?

36. What has 2 gloves and 4 legs?

37. When is an umpire like an operator?

38. How can you pitch a winning baseball game without ever throwing a ball?

39. Which weighs more a pound of lead or a pound of feathers?

40. What kind of ant can break a picnic table with one blow?

41. What do dogs drink at picnics?

42. Where do race cars go swimming?

43. Can a boyscout make a fire with one stick?

44. A hiker went without sleep for 7 days and wasn't tired. How?

45. What kind of egg travels to unknown places?

46. What did the hiker say when he ran into a porcupine?

47. Why can't you play basketball with pigs?

48. How do hikers dress on cold mornings?

49. Which football player wears the biggest helmet?

50. What runs but never gets out of breath?