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Solutions to the High / Low Quiz


1. High.  Washington is the name of counties in 30 states and 1 parish (Louisiana).


2. Low.  Women in Japan were allowed to watch Sumo wrestling in 1778, 221 years ago.


3. High.  Box turtles typically spend their entire live within 125 yards of their birthplace.


4. Low.  An ant queen has been known to live 13 years.


5. Low.  The Eiffel Tower (985') is 430 feet taller than the Washington Monument (555').


6. High.  The maker's of the game "Monopoly" printed $21.5 billion in 1993. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing printed $104.3 billion in 1993.


7. Low.  The tallest unicycle ever mastered was 101' 9" high. It was ridden a distance of 376' in Las Vegas by Steve McPeak with the aid of a safety wire suspended by a overhead crane.


8. Low.  The King of Siam ( King Mongkut ) had 9,000 wives and concubines.


9. High.  Pavarotti once received 165 curtain calls, lasting 1 hour and 7 minutes after performing at the German Opera house in Berlin.


10. High.  The original Macy's took in just $11.06 on it's first day of business.


11. Low.  It takes 47 muscles to frown. To smile it only takes 17 muscles; so save energy---keep smiling.


12. Low.  The first contact lens was designed in 1887 by a German glassblower 112 years ago. Plastic lenses came about 50 years later.


13. Low.  The earliest written reference to jig saw puzzles was in 1763, 236 years ago.


14. Low.  The average number of M&M's in a one pound bag is 521.


15. High.  Vatican City, the least populous independent country in the world had a population of 800 in 1993.




9 correct answers = fair


11 correct answers = good


13 correct answers = excellent


15 correct answers = unbelievable....you must be a trivia master or an extremely lucky guesser!