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Take the High / Low Quiz


This quiz is similar to the feature on the show the Price is Right, where the contestants were given a price for an object and had to guess if the price was too high or too low.  In this quiz you'll be given a statement of fact that has been exaggerated either too high or too low.  Decide if our quoted number is too high or too low and write down your answer.  How well can you do?


1. This founding father's last name ( George Washington ) is the name of counties in 38 states.


2. In Japan, women were not allowed to watch a Sumo wrestling match until 16 years ago.


3. Although a turtle is slow-moving, the "box" turtle migrates 100 miles during a single year.


4. The longest recorded life span for the "Queen" ant is 7 years.


5. The Eiffel Tower is 300 feet taller than the Washington Monument.


6. In 1993, the maker's of the game "Monopoly" printed 5 times more play money than the Bureau of Engraving and Printing did real money.


7. The tallest unicycle ever mastered was 46 feet high.


8. The King of Siam had 6,500 wives and concubines.


9. Pavarotti once received a curtain call for 2 hours and 15 minutes after performing in a Donizetti opera.


10. In 1858, on it's first day of business, the Macy's store, located in Manhattan on 6th avenue took in $42 in sales.


11. It takes 32 muscles to frown.


12. The contact lens was invented 51 years ago.


13. The earliest jig saw puzzle was created 188 years ago.


14.The number of M&M's in a one pound bag is 425.


15.The least populous independent country in the world had only 1,400 people there in 1993.