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Here's how this page works:

Each joke or puzzle is told from the point of the teller and victim. There are some pictures you will have to draw or copy yourself but they are all pretty simple.  Many of these jokes are better told verbally but you can read them here first.  We'll start out with one of my personal favorites- Pete and Repete!!

Pete and Repete

Teller: OK, listen closely, Pete and Repete are in a boat. Pete jumps out. Who is left in the boat.

Victim: Repete!

Teller: Pete and Repete are in a boat. Pete jumps out. Who is left?

Victim: I already told you! Repete!

When the victim says Repete, the answer to the question, the teller repeats the joke till the victim catches on and doesn't say Repete.


Intelligence Test

First, draw the diagram pictured below. Do not let your victim see you doing this it will ruin the test.

Gotcha Picture

Start from the section labeled one but do not point to it for your victim.

Teller: Circle the biggest circle.

The correct answer would be to circle the perimeter of the diagram as that is the biggest circle. The victim may however circle the largest circle in section one but keep in mind this is wrong but make no other comments.

Next move to section 2. Again, do not point to the section for your victim.

Teller: Circle the biggest X.

The right answer would be to circle the X that divides the diagram into four sections. This is the same idea as in section one.

Now move on to section 3.

Teller: This is the purple house. The purple house is one story and every thing in it is purple. The doors are purple, the sofa is purple, the refrigerator is purple (go on as long as you like) now what color are the stairs?

The correct answer is: since the purple house is one story, there are no stairs!

Finally there is section 4

Teller: This is a picture of a tree in a park. It's winter and the wind is blowing to the left. Which way do the leaves go?

The correct answer is they wouldn't go anywhere because it is winter and there are no leaves on the tree.


Each section is worth 25 percent.  Add up the sections the person got wrong (example, 2 sections would be 50% stupid) and don't forget the appropriate comment.

0% Stupid:  You must have cheated
25% Stupid:  About average
50% Stupid:  Did you miss your morning coffee
75% Stupid:  Are you sure you're awake
100% Stupid:  Hey, as long as you did your best








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