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Here's 3 real funky, freaky, facts to warm you up.

A: When you are asleep your body produces as much heat as a 100-watt light bulb.

B: One hundred million years ago, an insect called an Arthropleura roamed the earth. It was 6 feet long and lived on forest floors.

C: About two thousands years ago, a Greek doctor believed he had a cure for the earache. All you had to do was scoop out a cockroach's stomach, mix it with oil and stuff it in your ear.Rocks

Now take a look at the following statements. Can you figure out which are real facts and which are fake?

1. Doberman Pinschers were named after Louis Doberman, a tax collector, was not welcome when he came to collect money. To protect him, he bred fierce dogs which he called Doberman Pinschers.

2. The Marshall Islands goby is the smallest known fish in the world. It is only 1/2 inch long and would fit on your thumbnail.

3. St. Pantaleone was once the patron saint of Venice in Italy. He was later depicted as a silly old man who wore long trousers. From the play, trousers were called pantaloons, later shortened to pants.

4. A hero shrew has the weakest backbone of any animal in proportion to it's size. It is said that if you step on one's back, it will die quickly afterwards.

5. Chameleons, a type of lizard, get their names from two Greek words meaning "ground lion". This is very well fitting because almost all stay on the ground.

6. In 1898 a professional boxer fought an amateur. After the match, the amateur accepted a glass of lemonade from the professional. The amateur was then banned from boxing for having made material gain from the match.

7. Saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia can grow up to 45 feet long, longer than a bus.

8. A fire has been burning in Australia for about 2,000 years. It started when a seam of coal was set on fire perhaps by lightning. The fire is now 500 feet under the ground.

9. When the first railroad was built in Europe, some scientists believed that if the human body traveled faster than 20 mph, it would explode.

10. The sailfish is the fastest fish in the sea. It can travel at speeds of 68 mph.








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