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Solve this puzzle, email your solution to us, and if you would like, we'll publish your name on this web page under our "Puzzle Pros All-stars" list.

This is a tough one!! First, arrange four nickels and three pennies as in the illustration below.  The challenge is to change the current arrangement of the coins from the way you have them now N-P-N-P-N-P-N to N-N-N-N-P-P-P.  However, to accomplish this, you must move 2 adjacent coins of different values on each turn.  The 2 coins must be moved as a pair, and must always be placed so they touch some other coin (s) in the row.  Good luck!!



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"Puzzle Pros All-Stars"

Note:   Now that someone has submitted the solution as listed in the source
            book, we will have two all-star lists.  The first list contains the
            people that have solved the puzzle using the text book version, and 
            the second list contains the people who have used an acceptable
            alternative solution. 


Special congratulations to:

1. Robert Malone

2. Just Spaectre

3. Bob Lynch

4. Wei Guan Wei Li

5. Brian C. Miller

6. Lee Sau Fan

7. Johnny Lenita Varghese

8. Andre Ceasar Dacanay (dakkiboy17@yahoo.com)

9. Nima Honarmand



and congratulations to:

1. David Ballard

2. Tifara Markovits

3. Craig Brophy

4. Feruzza

5. Jose "TaKo" Torres

6. Brandon T. Phan

7. Sam Berrett

8. Mr. G

9. Jojo D. Raymundo

10. Vickie Weber

11. Frederico Jerónimo

12. Andrew Pierson

13. Keri Jane Woods

14. Amanda Chan

15. Alan Burns

16. Christian Ketelsen

17. Joel Quintin

18. Kyle Long

19. Casey "the leaper" Goode

20. Larry Docherty

21. Laura England

22. "ScubaJ"

23. Eva Martinez

24. Steve Casale

25. William P. McLane

26. AshokTA

27. Allison C

28. James A. Kelley

29. Malka Wrigley

30. Dan Gallagher

31. Kelly Walko

32. Vaughn C. Mueller

33. Paula Restrepo

34. John Breslin

35. Anthony Altieri

36. Raul Correa

37. Susan McAndrew

38. Dan Herrick

39. Vette98

40. Carrie Hickman

41. Noemi

42. Ms. Emma Cobb

43. Dan Jarman

44. Emery

45. Ashley

46. Dylan Falk

47. Yevgeniya Nusinovich

48. George Chrissomallidis

49. Shaina

50. Rakidoki

51. Nimisha Shameer

52. Vinod A.

53. Sarah Evans

54. Dhathri C.

55. Sheana


57. Nicolas Murado

58. Jocam

59. Daniel L. S.

60. Cymon Jones

61. Dallas S.

62. Mark Bain

63. Gerald Harrison

64. Beagleboy00

65. Catsmeow

66. Krystal Thorn

67. Shadowrei

68. Suzanne H.

69. James McGraw

70. Amanda

71. Dianna

72. Daniel Sharp

73. Olivia Martin

74. ~Shadow~ and Cutman

75. Dray

76. Stephen Fotta

77. Rachael

78. Jason Valdez

79. Gaurav Srivastava

80. Jack Cimino

81. Gaurav Srivastava

82. Vikas Bajaj (bajajpride@yahoo.co.in)

83. David K. Todd

84. Matthew D. Meyer

85. Jaya Dua

86. Gregory C

87. Chisai Kame

88. Komal Diwan

89. John H. Quinn

90. Samuel James

91. Reginald

92. Shishir Kumar

93. Karen Alkobi (KeikoKoph)

94. Steve Mc

95. Alex Varga

96. Ignacio Antonio Ramos

97. Higsby

98. Medha Bambroo

99. Do Anh Vu

100. Jessi Whin

102. Dillon Ray Fall

103. Doug Barker

104. Moe Davis Queens, NY.

105. Tran Duy Minh

106. Mohammad Heidarbeig

107. Luke Madden

108. Ibenviro

109. John Schule

110. Dana Lezama

111. JY Low

112. Brittany Bryan








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