1. get eyeball from the blood

2. get the notes from the book case

3. get yellow keys from window

4. use the code in the note book on safe

5. get green keys

6. use both keys on two of the drawers

7. get wrench and car key

8. get power adaptor from underneath bookcase

9. get the red stick key from the other drawer

10. use the red stick key to open the powerbox on the wall

11. when the powerbox is open use the wrench to turn the power on

12. the light should be on now

13. go to the i-scan 3000 (eye scan) and use the eyeball to open it

14. get the cd

15. plug in the computer using the adaptor

16. put the cd in the drive

17. there should be a web page on the screen, go to play orbox-b

18. play the first screen for orbox-b and get the password for the 1st level

19. then open the drive of the computer

20. the disk should be gone

21. go back to the computer type in arcadecabin.com in the password box; this will activate the alarm keypad

22. go to the alarm keypad on the wall and it will say something like 2 attempts left type in the 1st level password of orbox-b

23. click on the door and you're out