1. Get the blue keys in the window, top left.

2. Get the yellow keys behind the wooden board, between pipe and board.

3. Get the red keys in the bookshelf, bottom right, top blue book.

4. Get the knife, on the table, bottom right of paper with www.---

5. Get the screwdriver, behind the pipe, right of the three-door gray box.
Open the three-door gray box with your keys and switch everything to green.

6. Now you can open the wall lockers with your keys.

7.  The code for the yellow panel is 3622260

8. The code for the blue panel is 9273

9. Behind the red panel is a chess board and for that you need a chess piece, the white queen.

10. The queen is in a wall box behind the leaking pipe. You can see a red and green dot.

11. How to open the wall box?

12. Go back to the table.

13. Left of the table is a little hole in the carpet, cut it with the knife.

14. Open the floor box with the screwdriver.

15. Cut the blue wire.
Note - If you cut a wrong wire cut it again and it will be fixed again.

 16. Note that the wall box behind the leaking pipe is open. Take your queen.

17. Go back to the red panel and place the queen in front of the black bishop, right of the black king.