1. On Bookshelf, far right, second shelf down, press books until a tile falls into the sofa.

2. Look in sofa you will get two tiles there.

3. Brown book on the top left shelf, press and get magnifier glass.

4. Go left to table. Take off all the objects.  Then take off table cloth.  A Tile will fall.

5. Press the right side of the table to lower it, another tile will fall.

6. You will now have no space in the objects list so you must go left twice, behind the curtain.  Press the chest and put the tiles into the squares.  At this point you should only have 4 tiles.

7. Go back to the table.  While the table cloth is off press the brick at the back and get another tile.

8. Press the painting on the wall and go down it.  At the bottom right side of the painting is another tile.

9. Put objects back onto table but keep the scissors.  Go to the rubbish bag and cut it open.

10. There is some cat poop, lift that and get a tile from under it, and also take the straw. (You can put the poop back unless you want to keep it. )

11. Take the straw and drink the cocktail on the table.  You will get another tile.  You now should have 8 tiles.

12. Select the bible and open it to find a gun.

13. Select the gun and put the magnifier glass onto it., pan all the way left and get a six digit number (different every time)

14. Go to the safe behind the curtain and use the six digit number to open it.

15. You will get two dollars (useless) and a tile. Now you should have all nine tiles.

16. Next chore is a little tricky.  You must place the tiles on the yellow dots so that all the numbers match the one next to it.

17. When you have done this, the chest will open, get the launcher gun thing and go out from behind the curtain.

18. Go right, open the green box and get out the other part of the launcher; fix them together, then blast open the brick wall.   THE END