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Below you will find the descriptions and links to the three puzzle books that we've created.  They are e-books and are available at Amazon.  You don't need to own a Kindle device to enjoy Kindle books, apps are available free from Amazon for smart phones, computers and tablets.  Click on the book covers to check them out.  If you decide to try them, please submit a review and let us know what you think.



PUZZLES TO PONDER contains hidden words, proverbs in opposition, tongue twisters and Tom Swifties - many riddles about words and quizzes you will find in this book.



RIDDLES AND PUZZLERS is a collection of riddles, some from our site and some new ones, and also some original puzzlers that will entertain your brain and prove that thinking can be fun!  From silly riddles to challenging puzzlers, this book will provide hours of stimulating thinking - fun for your brain!



WORDS IN QUESTION is filled with quizzes to challenge your thinking in a variety of fun puzzles and questions about words.  From daffy definitions to homophones and palindromes, you will find a variety of puzzles to challenge your knowledge of words and rev up your brain cells!  A little bit of trivia has been blended with some of the quizzes to offer some additional, unique ways to question words.  Opportunities to have some fun while thinking abound in this book a chapter at a time will convince you there is more than one question in WORDS IN QUESTION.


Puzzles to Ponder

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