Riddle fans, Experts of  conundrums, Logical thinkers every where! Here we have riddles that have finally been solved by us or our visitors! We knew that someone would solve these riddles -the  toughest on our site!!  Thanks and thanks again to everyone who helped solve them!



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At last, Solutions to these riddles have come!  These are the toughest riddles we have found and we are thrilled to put them on this page as SOLVED!    Thanks to all for your help and hard work!  In fact you have solved so many riddles that we had to move some of  them to a new page; only the most recently solved riddles are here - others have been archived here:  SOLVED RIDDLES    

What 5 letter word can be rearranged 3 times to get 3 different words each containing 1 more syllable? The word has no duplicates of letters
1)----- 1 syllable
2)----- 2 syllable
3)----- 3 syllable

ANSWER:  1) aides -1 syllable
                      2) aside -2 syllables
                      3) ideas -3 syllables

Jenn picked a book off the highest shelf in her room. On the spine she read
       How to Jog.  She ran out of the room and opened the book but found it had absolutely nothing to do with jogging. Explain.......

ANSWER:  The book Jenn picked up was one  of a set of encyclopedias; she picked up the volume containing entries beginning with the letters "HOW" through the letters "JOG".


Take away my first letter and I am unchanged;
       Take away my second letter and I am unchanged;
       Take away all my remaining letters and I am still unchanged!

       What am I?

ANSWER:  The postman or a mailbox.


You write on me and secrets I can keep;
       In places never seen, I spin like a top;
       Though stiff as a board, I'm often described like a mop.
       What am I?
       ANSWER:  a floppy disk

A  man gets a job as a traveling salesman, he is required to travel to all 48
states, but is only allowed to do so once.  What state does he end up in? 

ANSWER:  This riddle brought lots of mail (thanks everyone for your help!!)  To solve this logically, look at the map of the USA and you see that Maine is the only state bordered by just one other state.  Therefore he has to either begin in Maine or end in Maine.
Others have suggested that he'll end up in the state he lives in; in a state of confusion; in California if he starts in Maine.  I'm not getting any clearer, definitive answers for this one so it' s considered solved!

He does not know your name and he never will.  Why not?

 ANSWER:  "He" is dead and had never met you.  This is the most obvious answer, though others have said "He" is a stranger or he is deaf and blind.

When/where does 99+1=60

ANSWER:  This solution requires you to think a little because the numbers are not to be taken literally.  Looking at a stop watch or digital timepiece such as on a microwave, 99 clicks off, then one more, to arrive at 60 seconds, or in some cases 60 minutes.  Another way to think about it is:  99 percent of an hour or minute + 1 percent of the hour/minute would = 60 minutes or minute.



Say a women owns a shop and the first day she had 13 customers the second day she had 14 customers the third 95 and the forth 62 customers what is the next amount of customers to come in? this one has stumped me for a while and i still don't know the answer could you help me?

ANSWER:  the answer is 35. I already sent this answer but in case you didn't get it here is the reasoning. The numbers so far are as follows

Now if you reverse all the numbers you get
or 31415926 or 3.1415926 the commonly accepted value for pi to 7 digits. the next to numbers are 5 and 3. You then reverse the order and arrive at 35. 
***NOTE:  This is the most common answer we received - thanks for the help.  Interestingly, another answer we got is that the number entering next would have to be 1 - because generally only 1 persons goes through a door at a time and the riddle asks "what is the next amount of customers to come in" - not how many all day. Thanks to Kris, Allison and others for this help!
Also, from Aaron S, another way to think of this:  the day of the week is important because the next day is Sunday and the shop is closed!


Eternally I am 1 to 6, 
eternally am 15 to 20, 
I am always 5, 
but I am never ever 21 unless I am flying, 
what am I ???

ANSWER:  A die:  you'll find the numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 - one on each side of a die (Eternally I am 1 to 6,)
When the die is on a flat surface, the numbers showing will add up to a umber from 15 -  20.
When the die is "resting", only 5 numbers always showing.
When the die is thrown, all sides are visible and they total 21.




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