Riddle fans, Experts of  conundrums, Logical thinkers everywhere! Here we have riddles that have never been solved by us or our visitors! We can't solve them - yet, and can't find solutions - but we are still working on them. Maybe you can help!  Read on: 




We admit it!  We can't solve these riddles!  We have combed our pages of riddles with no answers and these riddles STILL have no answers!  So we challenge you to solve them!  IF we get solutions, we'll publish them.  Put your thinking caps on and get those brain cells moving - solve these seemingly unsolvable riddles!  If you solve any of these, please be kind and tell us!! Please!! Send your solutions using the following form:



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I wish I could answer each one of you who takes the time to send in solutions, but I'm getting too far behind - I'm sorry, and please accept this Thank You right here for helping to solve these riddles!
Thanks!!!  Check the
"Solved" Page - that's where the riddles move to when solved!
The most recent riddles are added at the beginning of the solved page.

 1.  Many don't like me at all.  Many like me a little.  Few remain with me.  But I still follow them.
Who am I.


2.  1 door closes, 9 open. When 9 close, 1 door opens. What is it?









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