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This is where riddles go when they retire! --- At least at Just Riddles and More...!  These riddles were put on our site because they had no solutions - but now they have been solved - many times and to make room for new  riddles - these riddles have been retired to these pages.  We include some of the best answers for these riddles.  Have fun!!




 1. What walks on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three at night?

ANSWER:  This is known as "The Riddle of the Sphinx" and the answer is man. When a baby - morning of life - man crawls on hands and knees: four legs.  In the afternoon of life - grown up man, he walks on two feet.  At night or evening of life, an old man might walk using a third foot - a cane.

2. Though  weightless, it can be seen with the naked eye.  When put  in a barrel,  the barrel becomes lighter.  What is it?

ANSWER:  Holes.

3. The 10-foot dash. Little Tommy Terrified is afraid of the bogeyman. Yesterday, he turned off the light in his bedroom and managed to get to his bed, 10 feet away, before the room was dark. He did not use a string or a stick to flip the switch from a distance. How did he do it?

ANSWER:  He did this during day light hours!

4.  From:  Sean O'Brien- what did one earthquake say to the other?

ANSWER:  That was your fault!

5.  A ........ surgeon was about to perform an operation but he found he was........ because he had .........

Each of the blank words is made from the same 7 letters in the same order.

ANSWER:  notable - not able - no table 

6.  From:  Boyd Morrison-a man walks into a bar and asks for a glass of water the bar tender pulls out a pistol the man says thank you. why?

ANSWER:   The man had hiccups and was hoping the water would cure them.  The bartender thought that a good scare would cure them and that's what did it!

7. From:  Boyd Morrison- A man pushes his car until he reaches a hotel. at which point he realizes he is Bankrupt!

ANSWER:  The man is playing monopoly and when he gets to the property with a hotel - he can't pay the required rent and is thus bankrupt in the game.

8.  From:  Noah VanFossan-You throw away my outside. Cook my inside. Eat my outside. Throw away my inside What am I?

ANSWER:  Corn on the cob

 9.  Why do cannibals eat clowns?

ANSWER: To lighten up their lunch; because they like funny bones.  AND "they don't" because they taste funny.

10. Why is a raven like a table?

ANSWER:  Edgar Alan Poe wrote on both.






11.  Curtail me thrice, I am a youth;
Behead me once, a snake;
Complete, I'm often used, in truth,
When certain steps you'd take. What Am I?

ANSWER:  Ladder

12. What goes up when you sit down and goes down when you stand up but never leaves your body?

ANSWER:  Your lap

13.  What occurs once in a minute and twice in a moment but not once in a thousand years?

ANSWER:  The letter "M"

14.  A man is looking a picture when he says the following statement:"Sisters and Brothers I have none but this man's father is my fathers son" Who is in the picture?

 ANSWER: He is looking at his son.

15.  If you said my name, I won't exist anymore. Who am I?

ANSWER:  Silence

16.  What enters the field of play in a football match at half-time, but doesn't leave until the match is over? If it's a Saturday match it leaves after the game, but if it's a midweek game it remains until the next day. It only happens in the English Premiership, not in Scotland or the lower divisions?

ANSWER: I think the answer is THE BALL. Because, it comes back into the game after halftime. On Saturdays, it leaves the field after the game because there are no others. During the week it stays because there will be practice or a game the next day.

17.  Nick Mazzenga:  A servant boy, who weighs exactly 98 pounds, has the very important job of immediately delivering three coconuts, each of which weighs exactly one pound, to his master. However, in order to do so, he must cross a bridge that has a 100-pound weight limit (yes, that means it will collapse if the weight limit is exceeded!). The bridge spans over a bottomless pit, and the boy is only permitted to make one trip over the bridge. The coconuts must be delivered completely intact without ever leaving the boy's possession under any circumstances. How does he do it??????????

ANSWER:  He juggles the coconuts as he crosses the bridge - thus he will only be holding 2 at any time with 1 being in the air at all times.

18. When you need it you throw it away, when you don't need it you take it in.

ANSWER:  A ship's anchor

19. From Linda:  There is one that has a head without an eye, and there's one that has an eye without a head, You may find the answer if you try; and when all is said, half the answer hangs upon a thread:______________

ANSWER:  A pin and needle.

20.  Though I dance at a ball, I am nothing at all - what am I?

ANSWER:  Your shadow as you are dancing.




21.  From  Andy: We are very little creatures; all of us have different features. One of us in glass is set; one of us you'll find in jet. Another you may see in tin, and a fourth is boxed within. If the fifth you should pursue, it can never fly from you. What are we?

ANSWER:  the vowels - a,e,i,o,u

22.  A man lives in 20 story building on the 20th floor.  When he leaves for work in the morning he presses the  lobby button. However, curiously enough, when he comes home in the evening, he hits the 16th button and walks up the remaining 4 flights. He is not a fitness expert and does not do this walking happily. Explain this odd behavior.  Even more odd is the fact that on days when it is raining or looks like it might rain, the man does not walk those 4 flights, he rides all the way to the 20th floor.

ANSWER:  The man is too short to reach the button marked 20 but he can reach the button marked 16.  Now, on rainy days, he takes an umbrella with him and uses the umbrella to reach the button marked 20.

23.  A cowboy rides into a town on Friday. He only stays three days, but leaves on a Friday. How is this possible?

ANSWER:  The horse's name is Friday.

24.  From cmendler: U2 has a concert that starts in 17 minutes and they must all cross a bridge to get there. All four men begin on the same side of the bridge. You must help them across to the other side.
It is night.

(1) There is one flashlight.
(2) A maximum of two people can cross at one time.
(3) Any party who crosses, either 1 or 2 people, must have the flashlight with them.
(4) The flashlight must be walked back and forth, it cannot be thrown,etc
 (5) Each band member walks at a different speed. A pair must walk together at the rate of the slower man's pace:

Bono: - 1 minute to cross
Edge: - 2 minutes to cross
Adam: - 5 minutes to cross
Larry: - 10 minutes to cross

For example: if Bono and Larry walk across first, 10 minutes have elapsed when they get to the other side of the bridge. If Larry then returns with the flashlight, a total of 20 minutes have passed and you have failed the mission. Note: There is no trick behind this. It is the simple movement of resources in the appropriate order.

ANSWER:  the answer is 1 and 2 go across then 1 goes back that is 3. min the flash light is given to 5 and 10 which go across that is a 13 min. then the flash light is given to 2 which goes across that makes it 15 min.1 and 2 go across which makes it 17 min.

25. From Jessec3648: Why did the cyclops close school?

ANSWER:  Because he only had one pupil.