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This is where riddles go when they retire! --- At least at Just Riddles and More...!  These riddles were put on our site because they had no solutions - but now they have been solved - many times and to make room for new  riddles - these riddles have been retired to these pages.  We include some of the best answers for these riddles.  Have fun!!



 1. From Dan Silvia-What is black when you buy it, red while you use it, and white when you are finished with it?

ANSWER: Charcoal

2. What is the beginning of eternity, and the end of time and space. The beginning of every place.

ANSWER:  The letter E

3. From  Gdthorne: You walk into your home. Jack+Jill are laying on the floor dead. Sam runs into the other room. There is borken glass on the floor, surrounded in water. What happened??

.....And another version from BearyCherryluv2:There was a house and in this house there was broken glass and water all over the floor. Joe and Jenny are dead on the floor. What happened? This is solvable...I swear.

....And the third version from teke - Riddle Me This: John and Maryann are found deadin the house on the floor.The only two clues needed to solve how they died are broken glass and a puddle of water. How did John and Maryann die?

ANSWER:  Jack and Jill OR Joe and Jenny OR John and Maryann - all of them are fish - formerly living in a bowl of water! 

4. The man who buys it doesn't want it.
the man who makes it doesn't use it
the man who uses it doesn't even know he's using it. What is it?

ANSWER:  A coffin

5. You are trapped in a room without any doors or windows. The walls extend infinitely into the ceiling and into the floor. The only things in the room with you are a table and a mirror. How do you get out?

ANSWER:  You pick up the mirror and see what you saw; with the saw you cut the table in half, making 2 halves.  Two halves make a hole - go through the hole - you're out!!







ANSWER:  Two ways to answer this one- 
1) Language... it is the longest word found within the phrase, "The English Language"   AND

2) The word is "SMILES" because there is a mile between the two s's in the word smiles!

7. From:  LitlLadyEmm-  What's something you might use, but don't need to use all the time. But when you don't need it, it's there

ANSWER: Lots of choices here- light, friend, your conscience, common sense, time, a watch, your head.

8. From:  Kati Cheo- A man jumps from an 8 story building. It's a long way to the ground, but when he lands, he's unhurt. He lands on solid ground with no parachute, no bungee cord. Explain this.

ANSWER: Basically, the man was not on the 8th story and jumped from a floor that would enable him to land safely.


9.From JT- If you scratch my head what was red is now black. What am I?

ANSWER:  A match: head of a match is red when unused; when you strike the match - "scratch my head" and the match goes out, the head is black.

10. From:  Rob- Why is the letter V like a bull?

ANSWER: because it comes after u (you)