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Music Quiz


1) On which record label was The Beatles 'Hey Jude' released?

a) Sun.

b) Atlantic.

c) Apple.

d) Decca.

2) Which jazz trumpeter was nicknamed Satchmo?

a) Al Hirt

b) Herb Alpert

c) Louis Armstrong

d) Kenny G

3) What is Bono's (of U2) real name?

a) Paul Hewson

b) John Lauren

c) Bill Dawes

d) Walter Corvin

4) The Beatles' 'Penny Lane' was on one side of a Double-A. What was on the other side?

a) Rain

b) Strawberry Fields Forever

c) Paperback Writer

d) Penny Lane

5) Which band did Ronnie Wood leave to join the Rolling Stones?

a) The Troggs

b) The Box Tops

c) The Association

d) The Faces

6) Which musical opens with the song 'Food Glorious Food'?

a) Hair

b) Oliver

c) Jesus Christ Superstar

d) The Wiz

7) Who had their first major hit in 1965 with 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling'?

a) The Righteous Brothers

b) The Everly Brothers

c) The Hanson Brothers

d) The Johnson Brothers

8) Who has an album called 461 Ocean Boulevard?

a) Bob Dylan

b) Eric Clapton

c) John Lennon

d) George Michael

9) Which recording company was founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1960?

a) Sun

b) Decca

c) Motown

d) Atlantic

10) 'They say the neon lights are bright'.  Where according to the song?

a) In Hollywood

b) On Broadway

c) On Long Island

d) Over Miami

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