1. In the first scene - click the orange book on the first shelf that the guy is leaning on...click it until is reveals half of a sign.

2. Click the book that the other guy is reading on the table...notice that the second page is missing a number...26.

3. Second scene - click on the boy to make him jump and retrieve the comic book...notice that the hero is missing his mask.

4. click on the calendar on the wall and take the number 26.

5. Third scene - catch the paper blowing off of the table.

6. Fourth Scene - click the black book until it falls off of the table...get the mask that falls out.

7. Fifth scene - useless.

8. Sixth scene...the lazy librarian...attach the rest of the librarian sign.

9. Seventh scene - get the pencil lead from off of the board...if the man is in the way...go around and come back until he is gone.

10. The guy that's walking by has a book stamp in his hand...try to grab it, this may take some work.

11. The paper that you caught...click open the trash can and put it in.

12. Eight scene - put the lead on the pencil (the middle of the pencil) behind the guy that's reading but wait until he moves his hand.

13. Go back to scene one...click on the book he's reading and put 26 on the second page at the bottom.

14. Put the mask on the super hero.

15. Click until you get back to scene 6...the lazy librarian...give him something to do...the book stamp...

16. You should be done.



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