Stickman Jones Walkthrough:

Level One
1.Click the door and Stickman will go through. Click Next

Level Two
1. Click the first stalactite
2. Click the second stalactite
3. Click the third stalactite
4. Click the gray round thing closest to Stickman
5. Click the other gray round thing
6. Click the sloped ground. Click Next

Level Three
1. Click the edge of the cliff repeatedly so you don't miss the timing
2. Click the plant
3. Click the stalagmite's tip
4. Click the opening. Click Next

Level Four
1. Click the ground at the edge of the cliff
2. Click the area next to the edge of the cliff
3. Click an area near the top of the rock
4. Click the second rock
5. Click Stickman
6. Click the corner of the rock above Stickman
7. Click to the next level and click next

Level Five
1. Click the top of the small slope
2. Click the flower
3. Click the ground below Stickman
4. Click the middle of the flower stem. Click Next

The End!



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