1. First go up the ladder and get the valve wheel.

2. Go back down and move left twice.

3. Get the spoon and then drag and drop the wheel on top of the circle on the top right.

4. Next click the middle and right bolts (on the bottom below the pump things) and turn the wheel, when you're done, you'll here a noise.

5. Go back and right 2 times and then up the same ladder again.

6. Grab the pearl on the bottom right and then go back down, and then right once; then go down the ladder twice and pick up the paper.

7. Put the pearl on the hook next to the other pearl that's on a hook and when the little door opens grab the tile piece.

8. Go back up the ladder twice and put the tile piece where it belongs on the circle.

9. Go back down three levels and go right once. Hit the bells in this order: (I numbered them from left to right)
1, 4, 2 (this should raise all of the cups into the air; if it doesn't work for you, keep clicking the bells until all four cups are in the air and a little box outline appears).

10. Click the box outline and grab the tile piece; then go back up and place it on the circle.

11. Go back to the room with the bells (where you just got the piece) and grab the coin on the floor, it's a Euro-Penny. Notice the date and remember the date.

12. Go back up the ladders to where you put the first 2 pieces in the circle. Once you get back to the circle, go right twice.

13.  Now click the box on the right that is connected to the ceiling with all the wires.

14. Enter the four digit number that was on the coin (4913). When you finish entering the code, you'll hear a noise.

15. Click anywhere to get away from the box and then click in the tiny opening of the newly opened box on the right and grab the tile piece and the fuse.

16.  Go put the piece in the circle and then go down once.

17. Put the fuse in the open spot on the machine then go down two more levels.

18. Hit the switch; since there's power, once it turns on put the spoon on the light bulbs.

19. Grab the tile piece once the machine shorts out and blows.

20. Go put the final tile piece in the circle. It will spin and make noises once you put the final piece in. When the doors appear, click them, and hit the top button on the elevator. When it stops shaking, hit the bottom button... and enjoy the ending!